Social Networking Food Events

Business communication is an integrated part of almost anyone’s routine: entrepreneurs and students, freelancers and employees – everyone is looking forward to expanding their network, sharing ideas and having a good time in between. Food tasting happenings are made to help professionals get to know each other while savoring gourmet […]

Tortellini: Learning Emilia Romagna Cuisine in London 1

A Genuine Fresh Egg Pasta recipe: Tortellini Tortellini is an Emilia Romagna favorite dish of the festive season. Italian love these delicious little morsels of stuffed pasta. It’s true that making this dish takes some time, but if you join one of our Tortellini Making Cookery Class in London, we will […]

How to Make Real Italian Saffron Risotto.

Learn How To Make Italian Risotto – Real Recipe. For anyone who wants to learn Italian food cooking in London, risotto is one of the simplest, most delicious dishes to start off with. While it does take some time and attention, if you’re willing to following these simple directions for […]

Making a Genuine Italian Tiramisù

There’s no doubt that tiramisu is many people’s choice for their all-time favorite dessert, and luckily, making it at home is actually quite easy. Still, why make any standard tiramisu, when you can make the real thing using this original tiramisu recipe straight from Italy, according to Giallo Zafferano. Here […]

How to Make Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Ever wondered what that dark, thick stuff is that chefs use to decorate plates with? In most cases, they use reduced balsamic vinegar. In short, they have to reduce PGI balsamic vinegar in order to make it look more like the real thing. Why, you ask? Because the real balsamic […]

Learn How To Make Margherita Pizza

One of the most delicious and famous Italian recipe is margherita pizza. This recipe was invented in the 19th century and was first made for Queen Margherita of that time. If you want to know how to make margherita pizza then read the following recipe carefully. We Organise pizza making […]

How to Make Fresh Egg Pasta

Learn the art of Pasta Making in London   Here at Lovejoyfood we pride ourselves for teaching amateur foodies and professionals the art of Pasta Making in London. Our classes in the United Kingdom are based on simple ideas, teach people how to prepare delicious pasta from scratch, just using flour […]

How To Make Authentic Italian Potato Gnocchi 1

LoveJoyFood and the art of Making Potato Gnocchi – Cooking Lessons in London. Potato Gnocchi is a very simple dish to prepare, here at Lovejoyfood we have a special cooking class in London focussing on this typical dish. Classes can be arranged at your own home or you can come […]